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Mark of distinction in the world and a resource for NTU

A growing number of scientific institutes in the world have made complexity the focus of their activities, in many cases concentrating on one particular area of interest, like economics, urbanization or evolution. Only a small number of these institutes is dedicated to form a community that emphasizes cross-disciplinary collaboration in pursuit of understanding common themes that arise in natural, artificial, and social systems. 

Para Limes at NTU will be such a place. It will explore complexity starting in real life and incorporating new combinations of sciences, arts, philosophy and practice.
It will function as an intellectual “water hole” where researchers, artists, philosophers and policy makers can interact, compare concepts, and inspire each other. It will be a place where people will be encouraged to question the bedrock assumptions with which they work, and dare to dream of bridging the gaps in our understanding. A place where new ideas will be listened to and challenged from many different angles, honed by criticism, enriched by cross-disciplinary inputs and nurtured by encouragement.
It will also energize researchers at NTU already working in this interdisciplinary space and legitimize what they are doing within their discipline-based departments.