Para Limes will not conduct research itself. However through its activities new areas of research may be defined, or new areas to explore may be entered.
The first such research area was identified during the conference Heritage and Complexity in January 2014. It established heritage science as a real science to be developed and pursued. The second conference on Heritage and complexity will take place in January 2015.
As a follow-up to the conference Heritage and Complexity the project Maritime Heritage was initiated, resulting in a workshop in September 2014 in which plans were made for an international conference on Maritime heritage.
That conference will take place in April 2015 sponsored by NTU and the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority (MPA).
The second area that may result in serious exploration and/or research is the exploration of the barrier between east and west.
Three explorative workshops took place in September, October 2014 and March 2015.
Plans are now being prepared for a follow up in 2015.