The key activity of Para Limes is to explore.

Explorations will take place is the combinatorial space that, on the one hand, emerged out of the enormous progress made in reductionist science and its still growing number of disciplines and great diversity of specializations and on the other hand becomes visible when scientists, artists, philosophers, policy makers and people of practice come together.​

Two such exploration have already been started:

  • The Complexity Lens (see Publications: The Complexity lens). A first workshop will be held on 9-10 July (see future events). A follow –up conference is planned for May 2016
  • East West barrier (see Publications: The challenge). Three workshops have already taken place resulting in a working paper (see publications, and a roadmap). A follow up workshop will take place in September 2015. Another aspect of the east west barrier will be the subject of the workshop (also in September 2015): Cultural patterns of cognition within the east west context.

Other explorations are being considered, like identifying a combination of Maritime Heritage and Complexity.

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