Conference: Silent Transformations



The fifth Para Limes complexity conference is about Silent Transformations.
Silent transformations refer to processes that take place over long time spans, and that go mostly unnoticed until its effects become visible.
An uncountable number of such processes has been shaping and are shaping our universe, our world and our lives. Some of them we have recognized and are studying, like evolution, growing older or climate change. Others we are starting to recognize, like computation changing science, or IT transforming our lives. And still others we have no idea about. Some transformations have an almost timeless character and have nothing to do with humanity and its actions or concerns, like the unfolding of the universe or evolution. Others have a much shorter time line and are very much associated with human actions and concerns, like traffic becoming autonomous, or growing older. Still others are associated with human actions that fingerprint natural processes like climate change, environmental evolution and extinctions.
Once visible, the effects of silent transformations are often looked at as isolated phenomena, rather than as emerging properties of complex systems that undergo continuous change. Silent transformations somehow seems to capture an essential feature of complexity as well as the intuitive sense that science needs to find ways to recognize and understand these processes in order to be able to deal with the big problems our world is facing.
The annual complexity conference has become widely recognized as unique in South East Asia. In it some of the best scientists and thinkers in the area of complexity share their views with you. All twelve speakers in this conference are uniquely qualified to address silent transformations. To hear them share their insights and partake in their discussions will be a great experience for all participants to the conference.
The setting of the conference is informal. After each talk there will be ample time for the audience and the speakers to discuss and meet.
We warmly invite you to actively take part in it.
1 François Jullien inspired this theme with his book The Silent Transformations (2011), in which he compares Western and Eastern ways of thinking about time and the process of change. 

2 The earlier conferences were: “More is Different” (2012), “A Crude Look at the Whole” (2013), “Hidden Connections” (2014), and “Emerging patterns” (2014). The first three conferences were organized by NTU’s complexity program, the predecessor of Para Limes. Para Limes alludes to a world beyond boundaries.