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10-on-10: The Chronicle of Evolution

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​Lecture: Emotion: A Self-Regulatory Sense

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Conference: Causality - Reality

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Conference: Disrupted Balance - Society at Risk

Conference: East of West, West of East​

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Conference: East-West Connections: Grand Challenges in Brain, Cognition and Good Life Research

Grand Challenges for Science in the 21st Century

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Lecture: A Philosophical Perspective on a Metatheory of Biological Evolution ​ 
Conference: Silent Transformations ​ 
Conference: 3rd Singapore Heritage Science ​ 

​​​​​Conference: Exploring Maritime Heritage Dynamics 

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Workshop: East - West Connections: Cultural Patterns, Cognitive Patterns and a Good Life


Workshop: Complexity Lens

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​Conference: Emerging Patterns

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Conference: 2nd Singapore Heritage Science
Workshop: East-West Connections - "Cultural Circuits in the Human Brain"
Conference: Hidden Connections
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Conference: 1st Singapore Heritage Science
Workshop: Complexity and Governance
Conference: A Crude Look At The Whole
Conference: More is Different

Workshop: Complexity Methods