Conference: East-West Connections: Grand Challenges in Brain, Cognition and Good Life Research



The Para Limes Institute at Nanyang Technological University is dedicated to exploring complexity by going beyond the boundaries of disciplines, cultures and institutions. In this spirit, Para Limes has initiated exploratory projects by teams of world-class scientists, philosophers, artists, policy makers, and men and women of practice and it has already organised a series of conferences on various interdisciplinary themes, related to its mission.
East and West, two major worlds of aspirations, cultures, world-views, theoretical and practical approaches to life and death, are in the focus of the exploratory activities of Para Limes, which already started a systematic exploration of the similarities and differences between the cultural-cognitive-behavioural-emotional patterns of the East and the West, with special regard to their neurobiological underpinnings in the human brain.
A question, which is raised often by each and every individual on Earth, namely “What, in the thoughts and heart of an individual person, makes his/her life worth living?” is also coming into the fore among the topics to be explored by the Para Limes Institute, as this question is often asked but rarely answered in a meticulous scientific manner.
In this spirit, the present workshop would explore some grand challenges ahead of brain researchers, cognitive neuroscientists and scholars aiming at a better definition and understanding of “good life”, “a life worth living”.
In line with the aspirations of Para Limes, with the present workshop we intend to continue our interdisciplinary and intercultural approach in which boundaries of disciplines and institutes should not limit the scope of the individual talks or the discussions. Hence we have invited speakers from fundamentally different fields to make sure we have mind boggling - mind broadening discussions.