Grand Challenges for Science in the 21st Century


Grand Challenges for Science in the 21st Century
On 13 - 16 June, NTU organizes a four days discussion between six grand thinkers of our time on the grand challenges to science in the coming 25 - 35 years.
The discussants are:
Tor Norretranders will moderate the discussions.
The discussion is organized by Balazs Gulyas and Jan W. Vasbinder under the umbrella of Para Limes / Global Dialogue Institute.
The challenges
We intend to “look into the future as it starts 25 - 35 years from now".
The fundamental question to be discussed is:
• What are fundamental challenges that might shape the nature of science in the coming 25 - 35 plus years or even change the whole notion of science?
There are many aspects to this question like:
• Do universities have a role to play in meeting those challenges? What challenges would they have to meet to play that role? Who will have the right to speak in the name of science?
There are many ways to approach those questions like:
• Are we doing the right thing? Will it change? Should it change? What will (or should) science be like 25 - 35 years from now?
• What are the challenges to the science system(s), to make identifying and pursuing those challenges possible and to unleash the explorative power of competent rebels?
Importance to NTU
Today, NTU is regarded one of the best universities in the world. With this discussion, we want to emphasize that NTU pursues qualitative as well as quantitative excellence. This event will show that NTU is the university in the world where fundamentally new ideas are discussed and created, where the best thinkers in the world meet and debate major challenges for science, where novelty-seeking is qualitatively different from that at other universities, and where “major transformations” in our concept of universities can be initiated.